Wednesday 13 Wants Bad Things to Happen to You

MURDERDOLLS frontman Wednesday 13, has released a new video from his debut solo album, “Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead”. The video is for the track, Bad Things, and is compiled of live and backstage footage from the band’s recent tours. Watch the BAD THINGS video,here. Catch Wednesday 13 as he and the boys team up for a weekend of horrors with the Genitorturers:

13 in KISS Masks

Wednesday 13 surprised the Dutch crowd last Sunday night by coming on stage during the encore wearing the famous KISS latex Masks. The band, currently on tour in Europe, comments:

“The crowd just loved it and went wild!! Hey it’s a KISS Nation after all … We all grew up with the hottest band and needless to say we just love them.”

Each night before we hit the stage you will hear KISS music out of our dressing room and during the drives on the tourbus … yep … we are watching a lot of KISS video’sWednesday 13 is about to release their new video Bad Things from their album: Transylvania 90210.

 Album News “Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead” has an official release date now of April 11th (UK), April 12th (USA) on RoadRunner Records. The final track listing is…1.  Post Mortem Boredom 2.  Look What the Bats Dragged In 3.  I Walked With a Zombie 4.  Bad Things 5.  House by the Cemetery 6.  God Is a Lie 7.  Haunt Me 8.  Transylvania 90210 9. I Want You…Dead 10. Buried by Christmas 11. Elect Death for President 12. Rot for Me 13. The Ghost of Vincent Price 14. A Bullet Named Christ  Tour News The April Ghouls tour is just a quick 6 date run through the UK. It is by no means our only tour of the UK for the year. We also are planning to do in stores along with these dates so stay tuned for more info in the upcoming weeks. I’m really excited about having the 69 Eyes as support for this tour, they are a great band and this should be a truly spook-tacular tour with them on board.  We have other tour ideas in the works, but can’t officially comment on them yet until they are confirmed.  Every place is on target for touring, so that means the USA, Japan, Europe, and Australia, so look out ghouls!!!
 Diary Entry What a long weekend. Kid, Ghastly, Mrs 13 and I flew out of NC at 7:15 in the morning, with no sleep at all from the night before to make it in LA by noon so we could go to the NAMM show.  Other News Look for the latest issue of Metal Hammer UK and see Wednesday in the “Tatts Life” piece. Wednesday discusses his tattoos and all the stories behind them
 Spread the Dead Join the Casket Committee and get the word out about Wednesday 13′s upcoming album and The Thirteen Dead Kids.  Wednesday 13 Hand Puppet Check out the promo photo of the Wednesday 13 Hand Puppet from Bump In The Night Productions, available in March.

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